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Deli Moussavi


Untethered: Healing the Trance of Self-Loathing


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I'm a California raised Iranian immigrant who still speaks Farsi. I moved to the US with my family in 1974 and grew up on Stanford Campus. 

My memoir-in-progress, Untethered: Healing the Trance of Self-Loathing, travels through my life from my arrival as a child in the U.S. shortly before the Iranian revolution to today stopping off at all the places where the security I’d hope for--in family, in identity, in relationships and career--unravelled and I became untethered.


I've worked with leaders and employees worldwide in just about every type of organization focused leadership development, emotional literacy and conflict resolution for over two decades and I have been a practicing intuitive energy healer. What I've learned is that self-loathing, whether conscious or not, is rampant in most people I come across. 

Most of us suffer from this affliction in some shape or form and the shame of it shapes our lives. I've spent my life understanding the throughlines for myself personally and in the lives of others at home and at work. 

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